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About The Photographer

Sarah Jane

I'm a native Californian who was transplanted in Georgia as a teen in 1999. Since I've lived here now for over half my life I think I've earned my Georgia peach status though I admit I can be a bit Cali girl sassy at times! I've spent my life rescuing pets since I could walk like most animal lovers, volunteered at multiple rescues & shelters while working at every animal based job I could land included vet offices, groomers, pet boutiques, breeders, kennels, etc. My goal was to gain perspective and experience so that I could one day open up my own luxury pet hotel.... well, life doesn't always work out the way you want it to. 20 years later and the universe has put me on a path to what I truly believe is my calling.

I established Ruff Living Furtography in March 2019 after doing photography services alongside my pet sitting business for the last 12 years. I have also been taken classes and workshops through UGA in professional photography, in which I've have earned Certificate's of Completion in from University of Georgia.

What Makes Ruff Living Furtography Unique?

All Ruff Living Furtography sessions are focused on the comfort of your family. Sessions are not rushed, I can't emphasize that enough. That's why my studio is portable; I bring the studio to your home, yard, or we do a session using mother nature as our backdrop like the beach!  A regular session usually takes up to two hours,  I do not charge session fees, nor to I charge by the hour. Your time is just as important as mine - it's only the end results and the emotions during the sessions that matters!

Mission Statement

My goal is to provide an exemplary photography experience–starting with the free consultation, throughout the session, and after viewing the professional photos at our closing consultation. Living a life with pets and considering them important members of our family, I share that love and understanding with my clients. Having two very energetic, and sometimes challenging children, I can also relate to that as well! There's never a need to be embarrassed when a kiddo acts up or is having a bad day - we work through it together!

I am committed toward helping animals in our community by providing donations to local rescues and spreading the message of spay and neuter awareness.